Cheapest Colleges in Philadelphia – Outlined below is the list of top-rated colleges in Philadelphia for an international to apply

Colleges in Philadelphia

List of Affordable Colleges in Philadelphia

1. Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a research-centered institution that offers 132 undergraduate degree programs, 52 master’s programs and 12 doctoral programs.

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania offers financial aid to 89% of full-time beginning undergraduates and institutional gift aid to 15% of these students.

Institutional scholarship opportunities include the Sutton Scholars Program ($2,000 per year) and the Promising Scholars Program ($1000 to full-tuition), both of which are reserved for incoming freshmen.

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2. Wilson College

Wilson College takes pride in having been a Best Value College according to United States News and World Report for 10 years running. In the year 2017, it ranked 4th on that list.

The school starts with low tuition and fees, and then adds financial aid. Franklin County residents, Presbyterians, and transfer students are just a few of the groups that receive automatic $1,000 renewable scholarships.

A slew of other grants awaits, some based on financial need, with over a dozen for women with children and a further five endowments set aside to fund daycare for single mothers.

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3. Butler County Community College

Butler County Community College is a two-year institution with registration of over 13,000 students, making it the second largest community college in Kansas.

The College offers financial help to 72% of first-year students, including institutional scholarships, federal scholarships, federal loans, and work-study.

Institutional scholarship chances include academic scholarships, foundation scholarships, technical scholarships and activity/athletic scholarships.

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4. Franklin and Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall College, a private liberal arts college, highlights hands-on learning, and instructors often design ways to take learning outside the classroom.

With 145 student-run clubs, there is an association for just about any interest. Franklin & Marshall College devotes all its financial aid resources to students who demonstrate need, so there are no college-funded merit scholarships.

More than half of all students receive need-based aid, with the college awarding $49 million in aid annually. On-campus jobs are part of the typical financial help package.

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5. Bryn Athyn College of the New Church

With a 130-acre campus, just 14 miles from the center of Philadelphia, Bryn Athyn College is a minor private liberal arts college affiliated with the New Church.

Regardless of having fewer than 400 students, the college offers about 20 bachelor’s degrees, about a dozen associate degrees, and two graduate programs.

Almost all students who apply for financial help receive assistance, which could include merit scholarships, grants, and loans.

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6. Geneva College

Geneva College awards more than $12 million in scholarships and grants each year from its own college fund, in addition to almost $13 million in federal, state, and private loans and grants.

The average freshman financial assistance package is $20,779. Thirty-three percent of beginning first-year students for the 2013-2014 academic years qualified to receive the Pell Grant, with the average grant amount coming to $3,693.

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